Our On Hold Marketing System

Absolute Personal Service:

What makes our On Hold Marketing System so unique is the fact it is a System! Your personal service representative will help you arrange the initial installation of our system with your local telephone vendor. Then she will assist you in preparing your initial On Hold Messages to be played to your customers. Finally, she will work closely with you in the future to remind you to edit or change your messages, help you with your message copy and repair or replace our System at no cost to you in the unlikely event our state of the art equipment develops a problem.

State of the art Equipment:

We use the very latest generation of digital receivers to interconnect with your telephone system. These devices store your messages electronically to assure the quality of your message is always crystal clear! In the event of a power failure at your location, our equipment will automatically restart when power resumes and never lose your messages.

Total Message Control:

Your On Hold messages are transferred to your in store receiver from our state of the art Control Room. You or your employees will never have to change a tape, CD or memory stick again. Plus with our advanced software system, we can change your messages to coincide with your sale or event anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!




7 out of every 10 callers are put on hold, that means 70% of your potential customers listen to what you play while they are holding. It's called EarTime and it can dramatically increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Take a look at this graph showing the average time your callers will wait on hold if you play On Hold Messaging, music only or just silence.


  With On Hold Messaging
   With Music Only
   With Silence
"What are the benefits of our Proven On Hold System?"

Reduce caller abandonment
• Increase Sales
• Reinforce existing ad campaigns
• Prevents hearing competitive ads

• Educates the caller

• Enhances your image

• Excellent one to one marketing tool

Lowers caller frustration

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